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Our Programs

Tiny Turtles

Non-Mobile Infants
(6 weeks - 2 years old)

Most parents are concerned about their infants safety and well being while in someone else's care. Here at the Learning Tree, we want your infant to feel and have the same routine that they would have at home. We call this an "on demand" classroom.

Little Ducklings

Mobile Toddlers
(1 - 2 years old)

Once your child becomes a strong walker and play independently, they graduate from Little Caterpillars to Little Ducklings! We work on beginning language skills with simple words and corresponding sign language, and both independent play and playing with friends. 

Busy Bees

3 years old

Need description like Tiny Turtles

Little Caterpillars

Mobile Infants
(3-6 months - 2 years old)

This classroom is for infants with good head control who are starting to explore crawling and gross motor development skills. Once they make that transition from infant to toddler, and become strong walkers, they graduate to our Little Ducklings. 


2 years old

Need description like Tiny Turtles


4 years old (by Sept. 1)

We think of our Pandas class as a Kindergarten-readiness class. 

Apply Today - Request a Tour

Kids in Preschool

The link below will take you to a site called Brightwheel, 

our online parent portal. You cannot apply without first creating an account through Brightwheel.

If your admission is approved, once we enroll your child(ren), the information entered on your application will carry over into your parent/student profile on the app.


5435 N Fresno Street | Fresno, CA 93710


Mon - Fri



7:00 am - 5:00 pm



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